Your Freedom

Your Freedom 2014.9

Grants freedom to access restricted websites and hides your address
Get access to websites from other countries that are restricted to your country or simply visit websites that are private. Also enjoy playing a lot of games like Lineage 2, World of Warcraft, etc. online through web proxies, so your identity is concealed.

Your Freedom is a utility that provides access to web pages that are not usually accessible due to censorship that is applied in certain countries. It will also hide users' network addresses, since some of them might prefer that their IP addresses not be traceable and stored in log files.
An account on the developer's website needs to be created first. The free utility offers up to six hours of usage per day and up to 15 hours weekly. Aside from providing access to blocked web pages, it can also make one's PC accessible from the Internet. The user interface is made up of several tabs and configuring the necessary settings will require some knowledge in the field of networking and Internet access. Unfortunately, either some settings were inappropriately made during the test or the utility returns insubstantial errors. After a while of running the program, the PC stopped responding and a system restart was necessary. Logging on to the Internet was then not possible with the proxy settings made by utility; therefore, they had to be modified.
Your Freedom is a utility with a very nice principle behind it, that of offering users privacy while browsing the Internet and of ensuring them access to websites that are blocked to them. However, it seems that it does not run flawlessly.

Margie Smeer
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  • Access to blocked websites can be ensured by the utility
  • A tool against Internet connection censorship
  • Helps users remain anonymous when accessing webpages instead of having their IP addresses saved in log files


  • The proxy settings made by the utility broke the Internet connection
  • It may be that some settings were wrongly made or that insubstantial errors are returned by the utility
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